CMG Innovation | General Contractors
Client:Williamstown Fire Department
Date:May 25, 2023

Williamstown Fire Hall

The complete renovation of the Williamstown Fire Hall.

Big shout out and congratulations to Dean MacDiarmid & Navin MacDonell, Your attention to detail, finesse in the carpentry and finishing details are something to look up to and what contributes to our success. Thank you to everyone who had a hand at getting this project to where it is today, what beautiful work you’ve performed, we couldn’t have don’t it without any of the trades, and CMG Employees.  Gutting the building back to the studs, cutting the floor slab for new utility and plumbing lines, installing new doors, adding a new and modern washroom and conference room, all sitting on a poured floor. New siding was installed, along with all new barricades and bollards, Adding to the Fire Hall, a beautiful new and rustic front entrance, and of course the red featured bay doors.  We our so proud of our team and the sub-contractors who helped up complete this beautiful work.